Is Trading the Financial Markets a better investment than Real Estate?

Financial Markets (Forex) vs Real Estate


Real Estate Investing

For several years one of the easiest ways to receive a return on your income has been to save some money for a deposit, and then invest in real estate whether the home you live in or a buy to let property.

Over the last 30 years if you had invested in the equities market you would have received an average return of 1,443% if you re-invested all your gains, dividends, etc versus an average return of 485% in the property market. If you didn’t invest your dividends and continued to take out a salary from those assets than you still would have received a return of 483% return which is still a huge return in that time period.

Now this is only if you placed an investment and left it alone however had you tried to time the markets by either trading Forex or the index in the mercado de ações you could have received an greater return however the problem with timing the market is that very few people can do it successfully many people use various different strategies such as rising wedge, resistance and support levels and ascending wedge to figure out where the market will be in the future.

In Brazil specifically in the last few years the property prices have risen due to recent investments in infrastructure due to the World Cup and the recent Olympic games however the Bovespa has also increased significantly in a similar time frame.

A new product that has become specially popular is Forex Brasil or Opções Binárias due to the low barriers to entry and the potential for leverage and to be able to invest in several different products from the same platform.

In short it is generally much more beneficial to invest in the financial markets over real estate especially if you are putting it into the markets, keeping your costs low by just investing in index tracker funds and not paying those pesky performance fees.




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